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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Upon Closing the Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend
Hello Fallen Friends,

     Well, the Thanksgiving holiday has come and gone. I hope all of you had a good time seeing family and, eh-em, eating tons of Turkey and ham. 

     Okay, we all have to admit that the fun part of Thanksgiving is all of the above things, right? We eat, laugh, talk, eat some more (I'll be the first to admit it) and then we move on to the true point of the holiday. The thanks! That's right, I said fessing up to what we should be most grateful for is at the heart of this particular holiday. And in the bustle and heydey of dealing with life, we often forget what's most meaningful.

     That's why I wanted to post this wrap-up post focused not on tours or blogs or launch dates, but instead I wanted to focus on the people around me. To stop and ask if you took the time to tell the people who matter most in your life just how much they truly mean in your heart? Did you tell someone you love them? Did you say thank you to that person that didn't have to help you, but they did because they're kind-hearted? And did you make somebody's day by calling them even though something stupid had kept you from doing so over a very long period of time? Say yes. Because I know I did. And if none of the above applies to you, then there's still time to make amends before Christmas. 

     There are some fascinating people on this globe. So even though there are things happening in the world I still don't understand; even when I sometimes speak to someone and they walk by as if I were a bug under their shoe; and even though I realize tomorrow is never a given promise for the end of any particular day, I still choose to remain positive. Happiness and being thankful are contagious. So move on, smile, and spread the word.

Yours in Prose,
KaSonndra Leigh
10:59 pm est 

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Twitter Release Party on December 9th

Hello Fallen Friends,

    December 9th is a magical day for me. I mean, literally in every way. First off, I get to meet mega best-selling author Cassandra Clare of the Mortal Instruments fame. She'll be coming to one of many cool neighborhood bookstores I enjoy stalking, Quail Ridge Books. In case you haven't heard, she's my inspiration for writing Copper Suns. We both write stories of nephilim and fallen angels, we're both named Cassandra, both our books release on the same day! The list seems endless, right? Gotta love it. 

     That same night at 6:00pm, I'll hold Copper Suns' Twitter release party hosted by Roxanne Rhoads of Bewitching Book Tours. I'll be tweeting from Quail Ridge along with legions of other Clare fans. There'll be plenty to talk about so I hope you all can make it. Until then, I'll be squeeling in happiness! Don't forget to pick up your copy of When Copper Suns Fall on its release date on December 6th.

Yours in Prose,
P.S. I've added my author interview links in the column to the left.

7:08 am est 

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Less than 2 Weeks and Counting!
Hello fallen friends,

     There is less than 2 weeks to go before all my faithful fans & readers all over the world get to see what happens When Copper Suns Fall. I am so happy with the warm welcome my debut novel has received and can't wait to hear what you all think of the story. The fun begins with an interview hosted by Tamazon, interviewer extraordinaire of the popular website Night Owl reviews, on November 25th. I hope you all get the chance to stop by and get a first glimpse into my unusal but super fun journey to publication.

     And then the fun continues with Copper Suns' release day blitz on December 6th hosted by the fabulous Roxanne Rhoads of Bewitching Book Tours. She has managed to get plenty of blog stops lined up for me. So if you're not on the list and wish to be included shoot me your email address. Bewitching Book Tours will also be hosting a Twitter release party on December 9th! There'll be a gorgeous prize related to the book given to one lucky winner. All you need to do is drop by and say hello. 

    Details of these and other events can be found on my tours and appearances page. I'm excited and truly looking forward to bringing When Copper Suns Fall to all of you.

Yours in Prose,
KaSonndra Leigh
11:35 am est 

Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Really Large Thank You Hug...
      As the release date for my debut novel creeps closer, I get more excited by the day. To make matters even more exciting, I've begun to receive my very first reviews. And they are great! Writing a debut novel is similar to sending your firstborn child out into the world on the first day of school. You sit around hoping you've taught that child everything but you're just not sure. Novel wise, you wonder what bloop or bleep did I forget? And will the readers truly be able to identify with my characters? Nerves galore. And then at the end of the day, the child returns home. He or she is filled with stories of how good their day went. That's what it feels like to receive reviews...the good and bad ones.

    In conclusion, the support I've received in this journey is overwhelming...but in a very good way. There is no greater feeling in the world than when a reader stops to tell you how much your story has moved them. A couple months ago, I posted the Warrior's Way. And people all over responded with support, congrats, tips, review proposals. And I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul. Goodreads, Authonomy, Twitter, Facebook, my writing group. When Copper Suns Fall's release is for all of you. BIG HUG!!!

Yours in Prose,
KaSonndra Leigh

P.S. Per your requests, I'm opening up these posts for comments, etc. Drop me a note and say hello. :-D
7:05 pm est 

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